Google’s Inbox: An app that’s suppose to simplify inbox

I have been using Google’s Inbox app and desktop site for over a month. It’s a great leap forward  (or backward) from Gmail. It has all the right elements that I am looking for, but still doesn’t seem to fit my work flow.

It’s smart enough to filter emails and categorize them with right labels.  It’s pretty much the same features that Gmail has for automatic labeling, which I am big fan of. It keeps my things organized.

I was honestly impressed with the material design. Very few other websites  can provide such consistent experience across all platforms, whether it’s on desktop, app or mobile device.

So what’s the issue I am having with Inbox? It’s defeating the purpose I preferred Gmail over all other applications all these years. It’s making my inbox more cluttered and things are getting harder to find. Previously, I had Gmail auto filtering that would organize emails for me and I was able to go and check them at my leisure. Now everything is just there and you are forced to look at it. It feels that Google is promoting all the marketing email which otherwise would be under promotion tab and won’t be visible unless you want it to.

That’s not it. There are other small power user features, for example, a simple delete, is now two taps away. I would expect a some customization that would allow us to bring such things in front. Not every email is to be marked done.

I still not buy into premise that Inbox was not designed for power user. Why would a company want to maintain two services, which serves the same purpose. I am leaning towards a collusion that Google designed this new awesome service and realized it won’t work for a class of user.

I am still optimistic that Inbox will evolve into a better product, but until then Gmail is the way to go. I will continue with Inbox for one more month, before switching back.