Subversion on Eclipse 3.7.0 on Ubuntu 11.10


I am assuming you have already installed eclipse. If not see:

I would suggest installing subversion 1.6.x since there are few issues with 1.8.x. In eclipse:

Go to Help->Install New Software

Click Add. Copy the following URL in Location box:


Click OK.

On next screen select the required packages.

 Click next and follow the instructions, and you are done.


If you get following error:

Failed to load JavaHL Library.
These are the errors that were encountered:
no libsvnjavahl-1 in java.library.path
no svnjavahl-1 in java.library.path
no svnjavahl in java.library.path
java.library.path = /usr/lib/jni/

Close eclipse and run following command on terminal.

sudo apt-get install libsvn-java

Edit eclipse.ini file.

sudo nano /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse.ini 

Add following two lines after -vmargs


save and close



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