Life is a long marathon

Undoubtedly, Forrest Gump is one of the very interesting movies I have watched, to date.  Gump may be stupid or not, I don’t know. But movie is brilliant and can be interpreted in many ways, and will be talked about for generations to come. Consider a scene from the movie where Forrest Gump runs for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours. He started running by saying that he is running for no particular reason. The scene itself raises lots of question about Gump and everybody else’s life who started following him. Why is this guy running? Is he stupid? What is he trying to prove? Why so many people started running with him?

In-depth analysis of the scene reveal important message for life. When Gump started running and also while he’s running, he says: he is running for no particular reason. But, there were many implicit reasons and anomalies in the dialogs which disclose real cause for running.

Obvious reason might be Jenny because before he started running Jenny left him while he was sleeping. He would have felt deserted and cheated. He did mention this in a dialog: “… and most of it I thought about Jenny” while running. The thing that relates him to Jenny was running; this is what she had told him do, as a kid: “Run, Forrest Run,” All his life he had done was running. Moreover, he did not possess any particular skill, only thing he knew was running. So best he can do when Jenny left him was to start running.

We all also do the same thing our entire life. We are like Forrest Gump, started running when we are born. We run our entire life. Like Forrest says: “… I reached the end. I turned. Started running again.” This is what most of do. Set goals, try to accomplish them, once we have achieved those goal; we set to achieve something else. We want to have a good job, a Mercedes, a humongous mansion, and the list goes on. Like Forrest we are unclear what exactly we want. We just keep on running without any particular reasons.  There is no peace in our life. All we learned from parents, schools, college is how to run. Run dear run, or else you will be left behind.

This is not it, there is a herd mentality. Blindly following the mentor, idols, etc., and keep of running behind. Many people started running with Forrest. They saw Forrest tirelessly running, and thought this man is magnanimous; might be running for some good cause, though not known to them, and so we should start running behind him. This is also a very common phenomenon we observe in our day to day life. For example, people blindly follow religious leaders, smart entrepreneurs, and presidents without giving proper thought.  Most of us do that because we ourselves are unclear what is best of us. So we tend to follow a brilliant god figures who we think knows what they are doing or saying.

Last but not least, the way he stops running is worth giving a thought. He suddenly stops and says: “I’m tired. I want to go home”. People who were running behind him were confused: now what? It symbolizes the end. End of journey. End of life which is going to be sudden. One will be tired and there is a rare possibility that he might have come to an understanding about life and the journey one has made. Before Gump stopped running, he remembers what his mother had said: “Leave the past behind and move ahead”.  There is always a very important message in simple sentences. If you continuously keep on clinging to your past, you won’t be able to end your journey in peace. So, sooner you learn to let go your past, better are your chances of ending your journey in peace. Forrest Gump stop running, he had his peace.

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