I solve complex computing problem, I am a Software Ninja

I believe that strong understanding of fundamental principles coupled with critical thinking and ability to apply those principles are the foundations of a skilled engineer.

I am Purvag, a Software Engineer and Scientist


It takes knowledge, smart work, and dedication to make great ideas come to life. I have been helping make great ideas happen for the past 7 years and am always ready for new challenges.

Problem Solver

Problem solving is not always about sitting in a board room talking about the way things should be done. I have a strong background in different technologies and methods which allows me to think on my feet and act upon it.


I am working towards my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. I develop intelligent system that can reason over natural language phrases and infer interesting information out of it.

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.

-Bill Gates

My Skills

Programming Skills

90% Complete
70% Complete
70% Complete
90% Complete
60% Complete
65% Complete
50% Complete

Knowledge Base

Machine Learning
65% Complete
Object Oriented Development
90% Complete
Spring framework
70% Complete
Software Development
80% Complete
Agile Methodology
70% Complete
70% Complete
75% Complete
75% Complete

Professional Experience

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Feb 2014
  • Zillow
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Personalizing the shopping experience on Zillow.com
  • Sending recommendations based on user's preferences
  • Java, Spring framework, J2EE, Web Services, Sql Server, Apache Tomcat, Tapastry, Google APIs, YUI, and Linux
  • Feb, 2014 - Present

April 2013
  • evolve24
  • Software Engineer
  • Engineering social media analysis software with high volume data
  • Monitoring named brands and their reputation
  • Substantially increase throughput implementing multi-threaded solutions
  • Architected solutions for memory management of large volume textual data
  • Java, Spring framework, J2EE, Web Services, Cassandra, MySQL, Hadoop, Lucene/Solr, Lexalytics, Apache Tomcat, GWT, and Linux
  • April, 2013 - Feb, 2014

Aug 2012
  • get2kno.com
  • CTO and Lead Engineer
  • Collaborating with different partners and kick starting the startup
  • Machine learning techniques for clustering and ranking social media profiles
  • Participated in full development lifecycle
  • Managing off-shore teams and contractors
  • Spring MVC, Spring Social API, JSP, JSTL, Java and J2EE, MySQL, Apache, Apache Tomcat, and Linux
  • Aug, 2012 - Present

Aug 2007
  • Southern Illinois University
  • Application Developer, Information Technology
  • Developed and customized an open source Identity Management (IDM) System
  • Webmaster for multiple campus web-sites
  • Optimization of SQL queries to reduce throughput time for the web pages
  • Java, Grails, Groovy, Apache Tomcat, JQuery, Google Chart API, PHP, Oracle technologies, JSP, Windows and Linux servers
  • Aug, 2011 - Dec, 2012

  • Southern Illinois University
  • I.T. Specialist Graduate Assistant, School of Social Work
  • Webmaster for www.socialwork.siu.edu
  • Responsible for developing, designing, & maintaining the website
  • On-site computer support, general troubleshooting, repairing, maintenance of computers and LAN
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Adobe Creative Suite-Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks
  • Aug, 2009 - Aug, 2011

  • Southern Illinois University
  • Programmer Graduate Assistant, Institutional Research & Studies
  • principal programmer for the development of Illinois shared enrollment website
  • generated dynamic graphical reports using crystal-reports from a large database
  • optimization and data mining of the large database
  • Designing complex stored procedures in Oracle
  • ASP.NET, Oracle, Crystal reports
  • Aug, 2007 - Dec, 2008

Jan 2007
  • Amba Tech
  • Programmer Trainee
  • Developed a comprehensive Hospital Management System
  • Designed a seamless front-end to be used by doctors, nurses and other staff at the hospital
  • Provided solution that interface with multiple databases
  • VB.NET, C#, MS-SQL Server, MS-Access and Oracle
  • Jan, 2007 - May, 2007



CWShell is an expert system shell build on top of Jess rule engine which implements CW inference system. The CW reasoning is fully integrated with JESS facts and inference engine and allows knowledge to be specified in terms of GCL assertions. CWShell expert system shell will allow users to not only express fuzzy-if-then rules, but also to represent their knowledge in form of fuzzy quantified propositions, discrete fuzzy relations, and fuzzy arithmetic expressions.

My Ph.D. dissertation is focused on enhancing the system with the use of probabilistic statements with the help of Z-numbers. Z-number is an emerging paradigm that has been utilized in computing with words among others. The concept of a Z-number is intended to provide a basis for computation with numbers which are not totally reliable. Z-numbers are confluence between the two most prominent approaches to uncertainty, probability and possibility, that allow computations on complex statements.

Learning in Video Games

In modern computer video games, the quality of artificial characters plays a prominent role in the success of the game in the market. The aim of intelligent techniques, termed game AI, used in these games is to provide an interesting and challenging game play to a game player. Being highly sophisticated, these games present game developers with similar kind of requirements and challenges as faced by academic AI community. The game companies claim to use sophisticated game AI to model artificial characters such as computer game bots, intelligent realistic AI agents. However, these bots work via simple routines pre-programmed to suit the game map, game rules, game type, and other parameters unique to each game. Mostly, illusive intelligent behaviors are programmed using simple conditional statements and are hard-coded in the bots’ logic. Moreover, a game programmer has to spend considerable time configuring crisp inputs for these conditional statements. Therefore, we realize a need for AI techniques to dynamically improve bots’ behavior and save precious computer programmers’ man-hours.


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